Information Planning

What is Information Planning?

Information planning is a discipline that helps people to organize information flows across heterogeneous environments and contexts.

Why is Information Planning important?

In today's world, human beings are bombarded with vast amount of communications in their daily lives. They are confronted with more and more options for any particular topic they might choose to study. All this makes it difficult for them to separate what is important from what is not important. Essentially, nowadays, it is hard to differentiate what is fancy from what is not fancy. It is even harder to define how to begin solving a problem having so many suppliers/professionals who claim they have the brightest answers of all. Information Planning is about inferring, deducting and overall, discovering what is important in a particular context. In a nutshell, Information Planning is about focusing on what matters for a human being in the particular context he/she might have defined as 'the goal' of what he/she would like to purse. Either he/she wants research an economic model, or study a new marketing strategy, or implement a new software system, Information Planning would guide him/her on how to achieve the desired goal. As human beings act (and react) from information they have been exposed to, studying a framework in which information flows are discovered and, carefully, analysed is, then, this website's raison d'etre.

Why the need of this website?

There are only a few books on this important topic. We believe we need to have a place where we can share what we have learned on how to play with 'building blocks' of information.

Who are we?

We are people concerned about how social media and other cool devices (such as smart phones) are, literally, stealing human beings' attention from what really matters. Even though, our company is a commercial enterprise, we do not pretend to push for our products or services at this website. In fact, all we want is to contribute with our knowledge to prevent people from mistakes they might make from not doing a proper information plan before they embark on either a new personal or business project. Our expertise has been in the areas of software engineering (that is why you will see many examples in that area). However information planning applies to a vast variety of fields.

What are our goals?

1. Make our website readers aware that they need to have a 'Cartesian mindset' when they define a problem.

2. Make our website readers aware that they need to talk to other people (not text message them nor email them nor chat with them) in order to understand problems and define goals.

Where to start?

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